What are the different treatments available for Ativan addiction?

When a person is found addicted to the medication then the first step that the doctor takes would be the detox followed by the addiction treatment. This can be a lengthy procedure depending upon the severity of the condition.

What is Ativan addiction?

Not willing to stop taking the medication and the thought of managing life only when the drug is taken just means that you have got addicted. Most of the times, an individual would not even know that he or she is addicted to the Ativan drug.

Firstly, the treatment would start and all goes fine for few days. Since this is a highly abusive drug, it is a must that it should be taken only for two to three weeks. But, there is a chance that a person would develop tolerance towards Ativan during this point of time.

This is a phase where the individual will not experience the effectiveness which they once had while taking the dose. The mistake that some people make is that, they wouldn’t notify this problem to their healthcare professional. Instead, they double the dosage of Ativan.

Here, it is true that the effectiveness on the condition can be achieved but the sad truth is that they are also paving way for getting addicted to the medication. Slowly and steadily, this person becomes addicted and will find any ways to get Ativan pills for taking even without a prescription.

How does the treatment take place?

First phase would be detoxification. In this phase, the doctor make sure that the medication might leave your body completely. First of all, the dosage of the medication will be reduced. For example, if you are taking three pills in a day then it would be lessened to two.

You shall be taking two pills per day in a week then the following week, you will be instructed to take single tablet. Only after this, your healthcare professional would tell you to halt the treatment. Once you completely stopped taking Ativan there are chances for you to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

These effects reach its peak after 24 to 72 hours. A doctor would be there to help you to manage all these symptoms in you. This is the issue only until there is medication in your body but once it gets a detox, you would feel better.

The next phase can be done by staying in the hospital or as outpatient. When you choose the latter, you have to go to the hospital for few hours daily. Here, you need not compromise on your work or personal life. Those who are addicted severely to Ativan medication are who are allowed to continue the therapy by staying in the hospital itself.

During this period, there will be group sessions; there will be individual sessions as well as educational lectures. Even your family would be allowed in for some sessions so that the addicted patient would get some emotional strength.

Can you detox Ativan on your own?

No, you are not supposed to detox Ativan medication on your own. You might suffer from certain symptoms like seizures, convulsions, and insomnia. Here, it is a must that a medico should assist you. They might give you certain medications to control these. Even if they are not prescribing any drugs, it is still necessary for you to detox under medical supervision.

It is a must that you stay safe while on the treatment. Get treated if you find yourself or your known person addicted to Ativan.

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