Privacy Policy

Our site is very keen to protect the privacy of the readers. We have created this privacy policy so that we can let you know about the hazards that you might face on the internet and how we might safe guard you. Since we keep on updating the privacy policy from time to time, we would change the clause in this page often. However we would not sending any notice or mail regarding the change in the privacy policy to any of our readers. So, try to read this page at frequent intervals to stay updated.

Once you have started to use this site you have to know that you abide by the privacy policy of this site. People would be asked to provide certain information like name, email address and much more. These details would be kept in the secured network where intruders or third parties cannot penetrate as well as misuse it. We can only safeguard the information that is provided to us and not the third parties.

In addition to this, we would also collect some non-personal details about the reader in the form of cookies. When the cookies are gathered it helps us to identify the requirement of the individual and offer a refined search option. There is no compulsion for you to accept this as people those who are not willing to get their cookies accessed can do the changes in the setting accordingly.

When you subscribe to us, we would be sending emails regarding the updates in the site. The mail that is sent would be free from virus. However to manage any worst case scenario it is a must that you have to keep your antivirus updated. Even if the email contains any virus your laptop or computer would be protected.

According to the law in the country, we are not supposed to collect any detail about children who are below 16 years of age. So, if your age does not fit into the eligible category then do not create any account in the website. However, there is always an exception. Those who have guidance from the parents can still have an account in the website.

This site does not sell or misuse any of the information that is provided by our customers. However, if the court asks us to produce the details then we would be obeying it.

As a reader of this website you have to ensure that you would not misuse any of the details either regarding the site or another user at any point of time. It is your responsibility not to violate the privacy of other readers.

Though we have separate expert team to safeguard the details provided by you, it is not possible to give hundred percentage guarantee for this work. There might be any security breech but the possibility for this is very minimal and might occur very rare.

To get more information about the privacy policy you can send a mail to us and we would reply soon.