Can Ativan be used in dogs? How dosage strength differs?

Yes, Ativan can be given for dogs having anxiety disorders, phobias or status epilepticus. The medication was basically used in humans who reported problems of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. But, these days, veterinarians also prescribe to buy Ativan online for treating anxiety disorder in dogs. Like humans, even dogs can develop anxiety disorders and phobias of various kinds. A few of the most common phobias dogs are believed to experience are thunder, hair dryers, a vacuum that do not seem to be a big deal for us but it does for dogs, which is absolutely terrifying. Dogs happen to claw through the wall or hide underneath and whimper and shiver when they are attacked by anxiety disorders. Anxiety is a big thing for dogs. A few dogs do not necessarily require medical attention but a few others will have to be considered for the check up with vet surgeon. It is better to have the dogs get consulted and treated for their anxiety attacks at once by employing medicines like Ativan, which can be easily purchased by clicking links of reputed online pharmacy sites which sells FDA approved authentic pills at affordable price to people who are need of this drug to cure anxiety issues for their pet dogs.

How safe is Ativan for dogs?

Though taking it is considered to be an addictive substance for humans, it is absolutely safe for dogs. While it is quite safe to be used, it cannot be given regularly and discontinued suddenly. However, it is better to give the drug under the guidance of a practiced veterinarian. The vet knows about the exact dosage strength, medicine interval and duration and also when to increase or decrease the dosage. Before beginning the medical course, the vet will first take blood samples of the dog so as to ensure if the dog’s liver and kidneys are functioning properly. Ativan is not intended for dogs having liver damage or liver disease as the drug only damages the liver further.

Ativan dosage guides for dogs

As already informed, Ativan dosage should not be decided by yourself even though if you are the owner of the dog or are responsible for it’s health unless otherwise you yourself are a vet surgeon or have practice in the industry. The dosage for dogs differs and depend on upon a number of factors that include its weight, age, body condition, past medical conditions and also the severity of their anxiety condition. Ideal dosage strength would be 0.02 mg per pound which is given every eight to twelve hours. Dosage level higher than this is not advocated and smaller doses can be given upon the supervision of an experienced vet. When you look for dosage information in the online medium, you might be misguided as the dosage levels given over the internet are usually higher than what it has to be.

Dogs, however, can encounter certain side effects and withdrawal symptoms. One of the important side effects is that dogs can experience increased hunger. So beware and do not increase the appetite of the dog, otherwise, obesity can be a risk. The drug being a sedative, dogs can feel drowsy or dizzy. Withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, disorientation or increased anxiousness can take place in dogs if Ativan is suddenly stopped or the dosage level is dropped down all of a sudden.

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