How Long Does Ativan Stays In Your System?

The anxiety medication Ativan can show up for a while in drug tests if you have been taking it, though how long the metabolites of the drug last in your system varies from one person to another. The time till when the drug shows up in the system depends on the test as well like urine, blood and hair tests.

It is used in managing a range of health problems like anxiety disorders, sleep problems, and even seizures. The drug is a benzodiazepine and requires a prescription for use, which is generally recommended for short-term treatment. Based on the severity of the condition being treated, the dosage and response to the treatment varies from one person to another. If you are required to pass a drug test for any reason and have worries about the drug showing up on it, then you can get to know more on how long Ativan stays in your system by reading this blog.

Duration of Ativan in your system

The drug is purchased from Ativan online pharmacies and usually taken in the form of orally administered tablets, which has about 85% bioavailability and biological half-life of about ten to twenty hours. The user’s health condition determines how many doses are administered in a day. The drug is excreted through the kidneys and the elimination from the body completely takes time.

It is possible to detect Ativan in the body even weeks or even a month after it has been discontinued, especially when the drug has been taken in large doses of up to 10mg a day. People who abuse the drug tend to take heavier doses. Before taking up the drug test, check with the healthcare provider regarding stopping the drug. Ativan users generally tend to experience withdrawal symptoms after the drug is stopped and tapered doses help.

How long does Ativan stay in the blood, urine, and hair?

The extended half-life of Ativan means that the drug will remain in the blood for several days depending on the dosage. Even if only a single dose has been consumed, it can show up in the blood for at least five days.

Hair samples when tested can also reveal the presence of the medication in the system. Medical researchers believe that the drug can be detected up to ninety days since the drug is first taken.

The medication is primarily excreted through the kidneys due to which the drug can be detected in the urine for at least a week. Some users will have traces of the medication in urine even a month after the drug has been taken.

What factors influence how long Ativan remains in the system?

Apart from the metabolites of the pill, there are factors that affect how long Ativan stays in the system. The individual factors that affect the duration of the pill in the system are the user’s age, body metabolism rate, and kidney function state. The dosage, frequency of drug use, and combining this pill with other substances also influence how long the drug can be found in the system.

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