Is Generic Ativan Better Than The Brand Version?

Generic Ativan and the brand are both available in a number of places, online and offline. They contain the same active ingredient Lorazepam. Although the drugs work similarly there may be some minor differences between them. This really should not be an issue as both the generic and brand can be ordered from reputed Ativan online pharmacies and would be effective in successfully overcoming the anxiety disorder being treated. However, there are many generic variants available in the market today and users can easily get confused when filling the prescription.

The question of whether the generic pills are better than the brand is bound to arise. After all, the brand one is the first available form of the drug and there would be far greater research on it. In order to get the expected answer, it is recommended to draw comparisons between the generic and brand Ativan pills to see which one is preferable over the other. Read on to see what the differences between the two variants are and make an informed decision to take the one suitable for you.

Differences between Ativan generic and brand Ativan, a benzodiazepine containing Lorazepam, was the first available brand following its approval by the FDA. To back further research and also as a patented medication, the pills are priced high. The generic variants on the other hand, are priced extremely low as the drug companies do not add research and marketing expenses to the product cost. The high competition among the generic manufacturer also helps to keep the cost low.

This is probably the most significant difference between the two variants. Many users prefer taking the generic over the brand for the extremely cheap pricing. Co-pay options vary, and so do the drug costs from one place to another. The generic Ativan pills are simply more affordable.

Another difference between the Ativan generic and the brand is that there may be different inactive ingredients. This does not affect the way the drug works though. The list of inactive ingredients is more useful for those who may be allergic to certain components. In this regards, the generic may be preferred over the brand and vice versa.

What should I know about taking generic Ativan?

Seeing as the pricing and the inactive ingredients form the crux of the differences between Ativan brand and generic, one cannot really say if the latter is better than the former. It all comes down to the user. If you prefer to go with the generic, then there are a few important factors to know in advance in order to take the medication safely. The pricing benefit is truly useful as the short-acting Lorazepam medication typically requires multiple doses in a day.

Many of the generic drug manufacturers operate outside the US and the standards of manufacturing or quality of ingredients used may not be the same. Check the product label to see if the active ingredient listed is Lorazepam and also if the drug company is a reputed one. Avoid extremely low prices as a precaution. Check with your doctor for the suitable Ativan generic drug that you can buy and use.

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