Various Ativan Dosages To Treat Anxiety

Ativan medication is available in different dosage strengths like 0.5mg, 1mg, and 2mg. There are various strengths available so that a person can take the dose that is suitable for them.

What dosage strength would be appropriate for your health condition?

Your doctor is the one who has to determine which dosage strength you have to take. There are various levels of anxiety disorder. If you have a mild issue but you take the higher dose then it would lead you to other problems. If you have severe anxiety condition but if you take the lower dose then it is not possible to get the effectiveness. In both these ways, a person would not find any betterment in the ailment.


There are few people who self-treat their condition. This is a wrong way and a health care professional would be the only person who has to do it.

Since there are three dosage strengths you might get any dose for you. In fact, there are also chances that they would prescribe you to buy Ativan and consume the medication at divided doses likes two to three times in a day.

So, whatever dosage strength that you have been instructed, you have to take only that.

Why are you not achieving effectiveness with the dose that your doctor has prescribed?

There are chances that you would not get the effects on the condition that you were getting before while taking Ativan pills. You have to look in detail at the issue. Some people would be taking the Ativan medication for a longer period of time whereas few people would be consuming the tablets with higher doses.

In both these cases, the body would develop tolerance towards the dose of the medication. This means that it gets adapted to the dose and it would not be possible to react back. This would ultimately lead to dependence.

Can you increase the dosage strength of Ativan in this case?

No, if you are not getting the effects then you have to inform about the issue to your doctor and should not increase the Ativan dose. This is the mistake that most of them do. They simply increase or double the dosage strength of Ativan.

When you do this, it is possible to get the calming effect but on a longer period of time, this activity would only create issues.

What measures does doctor take if you are not finding the Ativan dose to be effective?

There are chances that your healthcare professional would halt the treatment for a certain period of time. This gap helps your body to get away from the tolerance and dependence. Even this should be done only with the help of a physician step by step.

To avoid all these issues, it is a must to take the medication with the right dose. Since there are many dosage strengths available, do not just pick up one and go about starting the course of treatment. Just follow the proper procedure and be safe.

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