What are the Important Precautions while using lorazepam for dogs?

Lorazepam medication is also used in dogs to treat different medical conditions. In fact, Veterinarians are prescribing this medication for canine in increasing numbers these days. If your dog is under the treatment with Ativan then you are supposed to be very careful.

Never mix dog’s Lorazepam pills with other medication

Lorazepam pills might interact with other medications that your dog takes. In this generation, even canaine are affected by several health issues and it becomes a must to give certain drugs to make it live a healthy life.

So, it is better that you have to let your doctor know about the pills that your dog is taking. Even in between the therapy if you are going to introduce new set of drugs to your pet then notify about this to your medico to avoid any drug interactions.

Check Liver and Kidney function of dogs

If your dog is affected by liver or kidney issues then there is less chance for the healthcare professional to prescribe Lorazepam drug for the therapy. This is because the ingredients that are present in the medication would worsen the liver issue. Even if your pet is not having any issues on these organs it is a must to have a track on it during the treatment.

Identifying and handling side effects when dogs take Ativan

Dogs that take Lorazepam are also prone to so many side effects in the body. Do not worry if your pet looks very sleepy or drowsy as this is one of the common ill effects of Ativan. Not only this, lack of coordination, weakness, lightheadedness, and shakiness are some of the side effects that canine face. If you find any such symptom then you can ask about this to your physician.

Lorazepam dosage for dogs varies with weight

When the treatment has started, the veterinarian would have picked the Ativan dosage based on the weight of your dog. There are chances that your pet has increased its pounds during the therapy. Here, the previous dose might not be sufficient enough to treat the condition. So, it is a must that you have to keep the weight of dog in track. If you find any significant increase then let the medico know about it.

Ativan withdrawal symptoms on dogs

Though there is less likely for dogs to be affected by Lorazepam drug addiction, it is still a must that you have to be careful while giving the pills to it. You are not supposed to abruptly stop giving pills to your pet.

There is a way to start the treatment in the similar manner a pattern should be followed while halting the therapy. The dosage strength of Ativan for your dog might be reduced step by step and only after that the course of therapy should be stopped. If you are going to follow this with your dog then there are chances for withdrawal symptoms to occur in it. So, follow all these precautions to keep your dog safe.

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