Why Ativan is comparatively costlier than Lorazepam?

Ativan is the brand name of its generic counterpart Lorazepam. Both of these medicines are prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders. Though it is normally recommended to buy Ativan online across the globe, the cost is believed to be comparatively higher than Lorazepam.

A number of factors could be held responsible for the increased price, which can be easily purchased with the help of reputed Ativan online pharmacies, which is playing a major role in getting hold of the drug quickly when it is needed. Read below to understand the price difference between Ativan and lorazepam in detail.

Why there is a brand and generic version of Ativan?

When a new medicine is discovered by a pharmaceutical company, the medicine receives a patent on its name which is active or persists for a period of twenty years or other appropriate time pertaining to the conditions that lay in the patent. After the expiration of the brand patent, the corresponding company receives an opportunity to redo its research and invest in the manufacturing of a new medicine with the help of the patent. Thus, a generic version of the medicine is created either by the same company or by another pharmaceutical industry. The creation of a drug can take years together and the research is also tedious. The drug’s outcome depends on how safe and efficient it is for people. So, most of the drugs have been initially prepared by the brand names and later when their patent’s time period runs out, a generic one is made at ease as the clinical trials and drug formula is already available.

The acquiring of the patent by the brand trademark Ativan has incurred huge cost and because of which it is sold at a price that is greater than its generic counterpart.

Marketing and Branding involved in promoting Ativan and Lorazepam

The brand when it was created had to go through a number of marking processes to do well in the market. A lot of advertisement process are involved that could be anything right from pamphlets, television ads, print media as well as mass media advertisements so as to popularize the drug as much as possible. Marketing involves sending representatives to doctors to prescribe their drug to patients and also general advertisement across various mediums to make the drug familiar. This creates awareness among people as they come to know about the drug and its efficacy. The branding has incurred a huge cost and this is one of the major reasons as to why it is sold at a cost higher than its generic version i.e. Lorazepam.

On the other hand, generic versions vary according to their manufacturers. That is why lorazepam is available at a price that is seemingly lower than the brand Ativan. The generic formulations usually do not require much marketing as they become popular due to the cheap price at which they are being sold.

How patent expiration of Ativan paved way for Lorazepam

Lorazepam was manufactured upon expiration of its brand counterpart patent. Since, the preparation of Ativan has involved a lot of ground works including research, laboratory expenses, development costs, investment for the medicine and various other criteria’s, it is generally costlier that it’s generic version-Lorazepam.

As Lorazepam did not involve much processing cost that was with the preparation of the brand, the former is available at a reduced rate and the latter at an exorbitant price.

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